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At Teton Therapy, we can help you with everything from migraines to sprained ankles. Learn more about our services, from occupational therapy to therapeutic exercise.

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Shoulder Pain Relief

The upper body is very complex, which is why expert movement analysis is needed to truly get to the root of the problem. Our physical therapists and Occupational Therapists have many years of medical training in movement analysis, and can help pinpoint the cause of your pain. Once they get to the root of the problem, your therapist will design a comprehensive treatment plan that will address pain, weakness, and range of motion. As we apply that plan, you’ll notice function, strength, and mobility returning to your shoulder, elbow, hand, and wrist.

Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Injuries

Millions of Americans are impacted by back and neck pain every year. Back aches and back pain occur for a variety of reasons. Many people experience back pain as a result of sprains and strains, injuries, lifting improperly, or even sitting at a desk for prolonged periods of time. There are many options available to treat back pain, but some of these treatments may only relieve your symptoms instead of targeting the cause of your pain – such as poor posture, muscle weakness, or spinal misalignment. Though treating the symptoms is a good thing, at Teton Therapy, our goal is to solve the underlying problem so that you can be truly well.

Neck pain is also very common in the United States. In addition to pain, neck issues can also limit your mobility in the shoulder, arm, or hand. In addition, headaches and migraines are often triggered by an underlying neck problem. Often, the primary source of neck pain is tightened muscles, poor posture, daily stress, sitting at computers for long stretches of time and good, old-fashioned lack of activity.

Hand & Wrist Pain

Functional hands and wrists are amazing assets, and often we don’t realize how amazing until they’re out of commission. Touching, grasping, feeling, holding, manipulating, and writing (to name just a few) are very important aspects of who we are, how we see ourselves, and how we communicate. Dysfunction in the hand and wrist can result in pain, as well as problems with coordination, grasping, pinching, sensation, and their resulting functional deficits.

Hip Pain

When you walk, run, and move, your hip and knee work together to create fluid and accurate motion. But when one of these joints and its associated muscle groups are not working properly, pain can occur in different parts of the leg. Hip pain can leave you with very limited movement and make walking painful. Our therapists will help you manage hip pain and regain motion and function.

Knee Pain

Knee pain is a very common condition , and is often ignored for too long. Many people experience knee pain as a result of arthritis or from sports injuries. At Teton Therapy, we work closely with you to evaluate the mechanics of your knees and their condition. Limitations in movement and strength can dramatically affect the way your knee functions, causing increased pressure and pain. We’ll create a personalized physical therapy program that will restore normal movement, increase strength and coordination, relieve pain, and get back to your favorite activities.

Teton Therapy helps patients of all ages recover from knee surgery and in some cases, prevent surgery. If you have had knee surgery, including a total knee replacement, consider a free consultation with a therapist at Teton Therapy to learn about how our specialized program will help you recover and regain mobility and strength.

Ankle & Foot Pain

The foot and ankle are complex structures that absorb a large amount of force with every step. After an injury, or simply with age, ligaments and other structures in the foot can change, resulting in aggravated forces on the foot and ankle. Ill-fitting shoes and residual effects from prior injuries can compound these issues. In short, ankle and foot pain can occur from poor stability, lack of mobility, or lack of strength in the stabilizing muscles.

At Teton Therapy, our physical therapy staff have years of training in evaluating the movement of your foot, ankle, and legs. We’ll perform an analysis of your foot and ankle joints as well as the muscles in your legs. Additionally, we’ll analyze your walking and running patterns to determine the root cause of your foot pain or ankle pain so it can be treated quickly and effectively.

Balance & Dizziness

Vestibular and Post-Concussion

Your body’s ability to balance is truly amazing, and allows you to walk without problems, negotiate uneven ground, recover after tripping over objects, and many other daily activities. Our ability to balance depends on three main components: sensations from joints and muscles, structures in the inner ear, and input from our vision. As we age, our reflexes slow down slightly. This makes it difficult to adapt to uneven terrain such as grass, cracked pavement, gravel, and stairs. In addition, poor posture, weakness in the hips, and poor eyesight can all contribute to poor balance.

Most people don’t realize that they have decreased balance until they have a fall. The good news is, many of these symptoms can be improved and prevented with the right physical therapy program.

Dizziness and Vertigo

Dizziness can be caused by a variety of conditions, but usually occurs from poor perception in the joints or muscles combined with visual tracking problems and inner ear coordination. When the brain receives all these mixed signals, it becomes confused and you feel dizzy.

Vertigo is a spinning sensation that typically occurs because of problems between the visual tracking and balance systems in the inner ear.

Physical therapy plays a crucial role in helping dizziness and vertigo. Our staff at Teton Therapy can help you feel more in control, and in some cases can achieve instant results with specialized procedures. In other cases, balance and coordination training can diminish your symptoms and allow you to move without dizziness or vertigo.

Our staff has years of training in movement and balance analysis. We’ll evaluate your leg strength, movement, balance reflexes, and much more to determine exactly where your balance problem lies. Then, we’ll create a complete treatment plan that will improve your balance and train you on what you can do to maintain that improvement.

Brain Injury & Stroke Therapy

Brain injuries and strokes can have huge impacts on an individual’s lifestyle. Our staff will help assess impairments such as a decrease in strength, motion, difficulty walking, difficulty communicating, and issues with balance. Because brain injuries are so unique, the therapy process can be complex and often changes over time. The relationship you build with your therapist here will help build your confidence, lessen your fears, and support you in your long term progress and goals.

We can also help train you in the use of adaptive equipment, recommend wheelchair components to maximize function, and educate your family members on transfers, skin care, and prolonged care.

Strokes in particular are a common cause of disability among adults. A variety of problems are caused by stroke, including sensory, motor, and language impairment. Paralysis or weakness can also present on the same side or opposite side of the injury.

Strokes are very different from person to person. This is because the interruption in blood flow to the brain affects a variety of areas, and they’re not always predictable. Rehabilitation from a stroke can be very similar to that of a brain injury. Our goal is to maximize your strength, range of motion, coordination, motor skills, and balance to allow you to functionally operate in your home and community.

Pediatric Therapy

At Teton Therapy we treat young children and teenagers with orthopedic, neurologic, and behavioral issues as well as ADHA and Autism spectrum. Children have special needs when it comes to recovering from an injury, fracture, surgery, or pain, including their mental health. Our staff love working with tiny (and not-so-tiny) humans and creating long-term relationship with their families that helps them enjoy an optimal, whole-picture, proactive lifestyle.

Diagnostic Testing

Teton Therapy was the first therapy clinic in Wyoming to train therapists in conducting Diagnostic Ultrasounds, Nerve Conduction Studies, and Electromyograms. Usually, this testing is completed in Medical Doctor offices. However, it is now approved to be performed by properly trained physical therapists! This has the added bonus of Medicaid, Medicare, and many private insurances recognizing and providing coverage for these kinds of tests as done in our offices. It’s important for our therapists to be certain of the underlying problems you are facing. These tests allow your therapist to customize your treatment plan, which leads to better results faster, all while saving money. Testing is offered to our Riverton, Lander, and Cheyenne patients.

Diagnostic Testing
Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic Exercise

Part of the recovery process means strengthening the weakened muscles of your injured or painful areas. This extra strength provides better support to the joints and prevents pain and injury from reoccurring.

Your physical or occupational therapist will show you the correct way to do easy exercises to improve your range of motion, strength, coordination, and stamina. In addition, we also teach you how to perform these exercises at home so you can maintain your results and progress.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy (or “OT” for short) is the use of a variety of treatments to improve, recover, or maintain the daily living and work skills of people with a physical, mental, or developmental condition. Occupational Therapy is a client-centered practice that is heavily focused on achieving goals that are important to you – our patient. OT helps you adapt to your environment, modify your tasks, and learn new skills. We also provide education to you and your family to try and increase your participation in daily activities – especially the ones you love.

Occupational Therapy
Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy involves hands-on techniques that target areas of your body that are limited in motion. The goal here is to improve your movement and reduce pain. Manual therapy is especially beneficial if you are experiencing spine problems, joint injuries, or other health conditions.

Teton Therapy’s physical and occupational therapists have specialized training in manual therapy that helps them treat joint and muscular problems. This includes massage (soft tissue mobilization), joint mobilization, and neuromuscular techniques to help you feel better.

Sports & Running Injuries

Exercise is an important part of life for both overall health and overall fun!  For many people, running and training is a great way to stay healthy, burn calories, relieve stress, socialize with others, and/or prepare for the next race. Sometimes this increases the possibility of injury or a flare-up of an old injury or condition. We can help you manage injuries both old and new as you try to stay fit and enjoy an active life.

Many athletes have a desire to improve their conditioning, better their times, and increase their distance. But it’s important to train your body to move correctly so that you can avoid injuries in the future. We offer screenings that can evaluate your risk of injury and help you take preventative measures. This can be especially helpful for younger athletes and those who are just starting out. Your chances of injury are significantly reduced when you train your body to move correctly and confidently from the get-go! Our physical therapists can help you target and train weak areas to become strong and reliable, making it easier to meet your goals and just enjoy being active. 

Physical Therapist
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